Welcome to RandyLand!

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to express profile1yourself.  And this is my little corner of the ‘net where I can do just that.  Feel free to peruse my personal ramblings, photos, and expressions. Yes, this time around, it is all about me!

I’m very fortunate to enjoy what I do for a job.  Two jobs, in fact.  By day (when school’s in session), I work in a public high school providing technology support for students, staff, and teachers.  Everything from pc/laptop issues, to networking, to application support, and website maintenance.  Since 2006, I’ve owned a small (and by small, I mean just me!)  business that delivers website design and related internet services.  For me, designing websites is a great outlet for combining technology and creativity:  a nice sluice to channel the left-brain and right-brain juices.

So, why have my own personal web page?  Several reasons:  for one, I enjoy it!  (And there’s a good chance that prospective clients will “google me” to see a sample of my work.)  Moreover, I need to practice what I preach about personal domain namesPiedmont Technology Also, it’s a perfect real-world forum to test out new scripts, utilities, and WordPress updates before applying them on customers’ websites.

The blog is intended to help wean myself off some of the social media sites where I can easily waste a lot of time.  The idea is to ruminate on this site and, if so inclined, put an occasional link on my facebook page that returns here. You can’t ignore the reach of Twitter and Facebook (especially for businesses), but I need to keep a check on what’s become a black hole of time.  And, as a society, I think we’re still digesting the impact of sharing so much private information with the world.

These pages are about the things I enjoy: from backpacking and bluegrass music, to online tools and gadgets. The blog section is also proving to be a therapeutic outlet expressing my thoughts, feelings, and ruminations about what’s going on in the world.  And right here in RandyLand.

Feel free to poke around and, if you’re so inclined, click here to send me an email.

Happy surfing!