Welcome to “Randy Land!”

I feel very fortunate to be doing what I enjoy for what most people call a “job.”  Designing websites is a great way to combine technology and creativity:  a nice sluice to channel the left-brain and right-brain juices.  (Hmmm, perhaps that’s probably also why I pursued a career in radio after my BS degree in Communication Arts at JMU.)  A little techie, a little artist…

So it’s only natural for me to have a personalized web page, in addition to the websites I’ve developed for clients of Piedmont Technology.  Now – what to do with a personalized domain name and website?  What else but some fun!

These pages are about the things I enjoy, and they afford me the opportunity to experiment with various new developments in web (browser, scripting, etc) technology.  From backing and bluegrass music, to online tools and toys…this is the place!

Feel free to poke around and, if you’re so inclined, send me an email.  Happy surfing!


Randy Kenyon's personal website