take 2

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Doesn’t matter why; just gonna give it another go. (As if anything I think or write will garner any attention…but what the hell!) I jumped off the social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) bandwagon a little over two years ago – primarily because of the huge […]

if i make it to 96…

Spent the afternoon with Uncle Gene yesterday. If I make it to 96 years old, hope I’m half as tough, happy, and self-sufficient as he is! About a month after doing battle with his 1951 Ford tractor (and couple weeks in the hospital/rehab), he’s back to walking like it never happened. And driving…but that’s another […]

adios, facebook!

What do Steve Wozniak, Susan Sarandon, and I have in common? #deletefacebook In recent weeks, 9% of Facebook users have deleted or disabled their accounts. I’m joining them. Here’s why: Privacy, Time Wasted, Lack of Regulation. I’ll expand on all three in just a bit, but first wanted to put things in perspective. Several years […]