I’m the oldest of Mary Lou and Wendell’s three kids: me, then Stacie, then John. When I was an infant, dad’s job with the phone company caused us to move from Falls Church, VA to Parkersburg, WV. The following years saw us moving around West Virginia, until Dad’s promotion brought us back to Fairfax when I was 10. Coming of age in the sixties was a hell of an experience! I can vividly remember the Kennedy assassinations, Martin Luther King’s speech, race riots and the first moon landing. Woodstock, Vietnam, and the Beatles were big influences as well. I finished grade school in Fairfax, went to Robert Frost Jr. High, and graduated from W.T. Woodson High School in ’73. That September, I began a four-year college career majoring in Communication Arts (Radio/TV/Film) at Madison College, which became JMU the year I graduated. I’ll be eternally grateful for that opportunity which my folks made possible!

During junior high, Roby moved in next door. He played guitar but couldn’t read music. My piano lessons (since 2nd grade) had given me some basic music reading skills, so we traded: Roby introduced me to the guitar, and I shared what I knew about bass and treble clefs with him. We grew up together, played in bands together, and were each others best man. No matter how much time and distance separates us, we’ll be good friends to the end.

The day after graduating from college, I started a short-lived career as News Director at a small FM radio station (WFFV) in Middletown, Va. Living in a one-room flat in the old post office, driving a ’65 Ford pickup, and playing bass for a local country band — great memories from those days! Soon afterwards, I was back in northern Va. working for the phone company where I met the gal who’d become my wife and the mother of our 2 boys.  This isn’t the place for any more personal/family stuff…although I have to say how proud I am of our kids, and how freakin’ awesome it is to be a grandpa several times over!